The Organisation

The online meeting will take place 15–16 October 2020. in organisation of Faculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged face-to-face meetings due to uncertainties regarding travel restrictions, physical distancing and other health related measures. To adapt to the current situation, and to have clear and on time decision for participants, about congress future and format, the SORTA2020 Organisation Committee has decided to transform the 24th Symposium on the Theory and Practice of Shipbuilding - in memoriam prof. Leopold Sorta into a fully online meeting that will offer the responsible and rational possibility for scientific and professional exchanges, news and best practice updates, while protecting the safety, health, and well-being of all participants.

Challenging times require different measures but also provides new opportunities. This format is new for most of us and we are all excited and look to transform this situation into a new opportunity with positive effects reaching far beyond the symposium. We thank you in advance for your support in making the SORTA2020 Online symposium a success!

Organizing Committee:

  • Marko Hadjina, RITEH-Rijeka, chairman
  • Boris Ljubenkov, FESB-Split, vice-chairman
  • Anton Turk, RITEH-Rijeka, vice-chairman
  • Dunja Legović, RITEH-Rijeka, cashier
  • Tin Matulja, RITEH-Rijeka, secretary
  • Ozren Bukovac, RITEH-Rijeka, member
  • Davor Bolf, RITEH-Rijeka, member
  • Joško Parunov, FSB-Zagreb, member


Editorial Board:

  • Tin Matulja, RITEH-Rijeka, chairman
  • Anton Turk, RITEH-Rijeka, member
  • Dunja Legović, RITEH-Rijeka, member
  • Marko Hadjina, RITEH-Rijeka, member
  • Nastia Degiuli, FSB-Zagreb, member
  • Branko Blagojević, FESB-Split, member
  • Serđo Kos, PFRI-Rijeka, member
  • Goran Vukelić, PFRI-Rijeka, member


SORTA Standing Committee:

  • Joško Parunov, FSB, chairman
  • Predrag Božanić
  • Marinko Brgić
  • Matko Bupić, Pomorski odjel Sveučilišta u Dubrovniku
  • Većeslav Čorić, HATZ
  • Nastia Degiuli, FSB
  • Roko Dejhalla, RITEH
  • Nikša Fafanđel, RITEH
  • Ivan Gospić, Pomorski odjel Sveučilišta u Zadru
  • Rajko Grubišić, FSB
  • Alan Klanac
  • Edi Kučan, 3.MAJ
  • Boris Ljubenkov, FESB
  • Šime Malenica, Bureau Veritas
  • Siniša Ostojić, 3.MAJ
  • Darko Pappo, DiV Grupa
  • Marta Pedišić Buča, Brodarski institut
  • Jasna Prpić-Oršić, RITEH
  • Siniša Reljić, Navis Consult
  • Ivo Senjanović, HAZU
  • Vedran Slapničar, FSB
  • Dragan Sorić, TSI d.o.o.
  • Aris Večerina, MW Business Advisors
  • Pero Vidan, PFST
  • Boris Vukušić, Udruženje male brodogradnje pri HGK
  • Nenad Vulić, PFST
  • Paul Jurišić, CRS

SORTA - Statut

O.O. Symposium SORTA 2020
University of Rijeka Faculty of Engineering
Vukovarska 58, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia
Tel.: + 385 51 651449
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