Symposium & Topics

SORTA 2020 is the 24th Symposium on the Theory and Practice of Shipbuilding - in memoriam prof. Leopold Sorta in the organization of the University of Rijeka - Faculty of Engineering. This 24. SORTA presents the testimony of a continuous, over 45 years lasting development of the shipbuilding profession and science on these grounds. This year's symposium coincides with a period of change for the entire shipbuilding community in Croatia and broader. The aim of SORTA 2020 is to promote the existing educational, scientific, research and development capacities of Croatian shipbuilding, which are ready to participate, both now and in the future, in the evolution of shipbuilding industry, STEM and progress of Croatian economy. 


  • Design of ships and special waterborne vessels
  • Small craft and inland waterway vessels
  • Organisation and economics of shipbuilding
  • Technology, materials, protection and maintenance
  • Marine engineering, electrical engineering, automation and ship equipment
  • Ship hydrodynamics, seakeeping and manoeuvrability
  • Structure strength, vibration and ship construction
  • Marine transport and economics
  • Marine technology and environmental protection
  • Ship repairs and conversions
  • Law, rules and normisation
  • Quality management
  • Technical – commercial presentations
  • Advances in naval architecture software
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