2nd Conference on Machine Learning for Gravitational Waves, Geophysics and Control Systems and 3rd g2net MC Meeting

P1&P2 Auditoria, Council Meeting Room (University of Rijeka, Faculty of Engineering)

P1&P2 Auditoria, Council Meeting Room

University of Rijeka, Faculty of Engineering

Vukovarska 58, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia

The breakthrough discovery of gravitational waves on September 14, 2015 was made possible through synergy of techniques drawing from expertise in physics, mathematics, information science and computing.  At present, there is a rapidly growing interest in Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), classification problems, data mining and visualization and, in general, in the development of new techniques and algorithms for efficiently handling the complex and massive data sets found in what has been coined "Big Data", across a broad range of disciplines, ranging from Social Sciences to Natural Sciences. The rapid increase in computing power at our disposal and the development of innovative techniques for the rapid analysis of data will be vital to the exciting new field of Gravitational Wave (GW) Astronomy, on specific topics such as control and feedback systems for next-generation detectors, noise removal, data analysis and data-conditioning tools.The discovery of GW signals from colliding binary black holes (BBH) and the likely existence of a newly observable population of massive, stellar-origin black holes, has made the analysis of low-frequency GW data a crucial mission of GW science. The low-frequency performance of Earth-based GW detectors is largely influenced by the capability of handling ambient seismic noise suppression. This Cost Action aims at creating a broad network of scientists from four different areas of expertise, namely GW physics, Geophysics, Computing Science and Robotics, with a common goal of tackling challenges in data analysis and noise characterization for GW detectors.

The 2nd Conference on Machine Learning for Gravitational Waves, Geophysics and Control Systems and 3rd g2net MC Meeting of the Cost Action CA17137 (http://www.g2net.eu/) will be hosted by the University of Rijeka, Faculty of Engineering (RITEH), from September 9th to September 12th (Monday to Thursday). The conference will be held on September 11th and September 12th (Wednesday and Thursday).

Chair: E. Cuoco
Scientific Committee: A. Appice, M. Bejger, I. Cordero, E. Cuoco, V. Ilić, J. Lerga, L. Longo, C. Messenger I. Štajduhar, A. Trovato
Organising Committee: L. Batistić, F. Hržić, J. Lerga, D. Selimović, I. Štajduhar, A. Vranković

This is the second event of the CA17137 (https://www.cost.eu/actions/CA17137), having the goal of establishing a network of scientists, bridging the gap between gravitational-wave physics, geophysics, and computer science, with a common goal of tackling challenges in data analysis and noise characterisation for gravitational-wave detectors using signal processing and machine learning.
The participation is limited to 200 participants. Registration is mandatory for active participants, and it will be open until September 1st. Unregistered attendees are also welcome. Event agenda, venue information and other details can be found at the following address: http://indico.riteh.hr/e/g2net

Additional information will be disclosed as it becomes available.
Rijeka is located on the shore of the Kvarner Gulf in the Adriatic Sea. The Faculty of Engineering (RITEH) of the University of Rijeka is a leading higher education, scientific and research institution in the field of engineering sciences in Croatia. Presently, it is a heaven for approximately 120 researchers and 2.300 students in mechanical engineering, naval engineering, electrical enginnering and computer science.

You will have to arrange your accommodation personally, and cover the expenses for travel, hotel and lunches/dinners (only Action Participants entitled to reimbursement will be able to ask for refund of expenses, in accordance to the COST Rules and Guidelines). There is no registration fee.

All information on the venue for the event is given in the "Venue Information" document attached. We suggest that you book your accommodation as soon as possible in one of the hotels in the nearby beautiful city of Opatija or in the very centre of Rijeka. Information on accommodation, arrivals and travels at the Faculty of Engineering from Opatija centre and Rijeka centre is given in the attached documents ("Living and travelling Information - Opatija" and "Living and travelling Information - Rijeka").

  • Agata Trovato
  • Alberto Iess
  • Alen Salkanović
  • alessio cirone
  • Alicia M Sintes
  • Ana Vranković
  • Andrea Andrijašević
  • Andrea Chincarini
  • Annalisa Appice
  • Anton Pavelić
  • Arian Skoki
  • Chris Messenger
  • Ciprian-Octavian Truica
  • Conor Muldoon
  • Cristina Mancarella
  • Danilo Jimenez Rezende
  • Dario Jozinović
  • Dejan Gjorgjevikj
  • Denis Selimović
  • Diego Sušanj
  • Domagoj Pinčić
  • Duarte Silva
  • Eftim Zdravevski
  • Elena Cuoco
  • Elena Gutuleac
  • Elena-Simona APOSTOL
  • Erik Smoljan
  • Ervin Kamenar
  • Fabio Bonsignorio
  • Filip Lipovac
  • Franko Hržić
  • Goran Mauša
  • Ik Siong Heng
  • Irina Albinsky
  • Isabel Cordero-Carrión
  • Isidora Stankovic
  • ismail kirbas
  • Iulian Secrieru
  • Ivan Erjavec
  • Ivan Markovinović
  • Ivan Štajduhar
  • Jasmina Djordjevic
  • Jonatan Lerga
  • Kristijan Lenac
  • Leon Lutenberger
  • Leordeanu Catalin
  • Loren Leskar
  • luca longo
  • Lucija Žužić
  • Luigia Petre
  • Luka Batistić
  • Marko Njirjak
  • Mauro Jurada
  • Mia Grgurić
  • Michał Bejger
  • Miloš Daković
  • Miquel Lluís Llorens Monteagudo
  • Márcio Ferreira
  • Natalia Korsakova
  • Nicoletta Saulig
  • Nikola Anđelić
  • Nikolaos Floropoulos
  • Nikolaos Stergioulas
  • Nives Ban
  • Peter Butka
  • Philippe Bacon
  • Robert Injac
  • Rodrigo Tenorio
  • Sabri PLLANA
  • Sandi Ljubić
  • Sasa Micanovic
  • Sonja Gaviano
  • Sorin Dragomir
  • Thomas Vuillaume
  • Timo Tiira
  • Tomasz Bulik
  • Vedran Jurdana
  • Vedran Mrzljak
  • Velimir Ilić
  • Vera Gradišnik
  • Viktor Sučić
  • Vladimir Rovenski
  • Zoran Šverko